Made by Chef Miko Aspiras

Sesame Tuna Aburi Tataki Salad
Pork and Beans
Pili Donuts and Cream


15 servings (approximately 75g per serving)


Cooking Method:

  1. Fry donuts in Grande rice bran oil then roll onto cater sugar lightly and set aside

  2. Blend all pili butter glaze ingredients together until smooth like a runny peanut butter

  3. Pour onto donuts

  4. Serve with cream cheese ice cream

  5. Dust with wild raspberry powder

  6. Dress with flowers and micro greens

Pili Butter Glaze

  • 400g glazed

  • 200g Grande rice bran oil 

  • ¼ teaspoon salt

  • 150g muscovado sugar


  • 45 pcs Brioche doughnut balls

  • 1L Grande rice bran oil for deep frying

  • Caster sugar for dusting