About Us

Looking for the best cooking oil that you can use everyday for every recipe?

The cooking oil that let’s you fry, sear, sauté or even just to drizzle over a salad as a dressing and not feel guilty about it?

Yes, it may sound impossible to find but the truth is, nature always provides. 

Everyone throws it away.

We saw an innovation.

Over a year ago, we had the same sentiments in finding the cooking oil that you don’t need to change so frequently just to match your healthy lifestyle. We discovered that nature gave us a gift by utilizing a by-product in rice milling to produce one of the healthiest oil in the world. Grande Rice Bran Oil – the olive oil of the East. You can use it to fry, sear and sauté without worrying that your food will become too oily and unhealthy! Its neutral taste and watery texture lets you savor the food’s natural flavors! Sounds artificial? Not at all. We don’t need to make up stories to make it sound appealing, because it’s already naturally loaded with health benefits.

At present, rice bran oil is already available in different Asian countries! And we don’t want the Philippines to get left behind especially because everyone here loves to cook and eat! We like to share these great benefits with you since we believe that everyone deserves a chance for a healthy lifestyle! You may say it’s a marketing stunt, but we assure you that all benefits are well studied and were based on facts supported by the science community. All along we’re not just entrepreneurs, we’re also scientists! And for us, cooking is not just an art, it’s science!

Our Commitment

We don't want to be just an option.

We want to become your first choice.

While there are a lot of available cooking oils in the market, we strive to provide everyone a chance of a healthy lifestyle! We believe that Grande Rice Bran Oil will become the best choice of Filipinos for cooking.

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